Taisuke Kano (叶 太輔, Kanō Taisuke?) is the main character of the series. He harbors much guilt from a childhood incident, he had dropped a soda can which jammed the family car's brakes. The resulting accident killed his parents. Afterwards, he was raised by his older sister Yoko Kanou. He lived a rather peaceful live before the aliens came to earth. He grew up with Megumi and Hirose and often ended up fighting to protect Hirose from bullies. when the aliens started entering humam bodies one ended up in Taisuke due his regret of the accident that killed his parents


His ability is "destroy and rebirth" based on heat, by which he can destroy cells, and even a comrade's accelerated healing factor cannot repair the damage however he hardly use his ability even refusing to regenerate his hand destroyed by Hirose void ability in their final battle. In chapter 71, he is given Dan Friedkin's piece of the heart by Mitama, gaining the ability to see through one's past and can now senses the location of Hirose, due to the fact the pieces of heart are actually connected to each other.

Alive v21 c82 - 41

Yuta hand write trying to comprehend Taisuke Ability